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Which Tablet is best for me?

Touch Football Australia are currently using tablets to improve their productivity and service. TFA worked with official sponsor Tablet PC Solutions to chose the right tablet for the job.

Find out how you can too.

Which Tablet is best for me?There are literally hundreds of Tablets on the market to choose from. When rolling out a tablet solution to your workforce there are so many directions to take:

  • Cheap vs expensive
  • Consumer vs business
  • Proven vs experimental
  • Rugged vs non-rugged

So how do you know which one is right for you?

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In terms of the TFA experience, Mathew Gilbertson of Tablet PC Solutions worked with TFA Business Systems Manager, Brian Caroll and CEO, Colm Maguire (pictured above with his personal tablet), to identify areas where the TFA leadership team can improve business efficiency and workflows, through technology.

Onsite analysis quickly identified one potential area of improvement: Meeting notes.


Since the TFA team work all over Australia with the different state bodies and stakeholders, they travel extensively and conduct several meetings across the breadth of the country. Before each meeting, agendas are sent out.

At each location meetings are held, information is presented and minutes are taken. Each individual team member notes their action points and follow up items from the meeting. Minutes and actions items need to be shared amongst the team.

The old way of taking minutes on paper creates an immense amount of re-work and duplication for admin staff back in the office. The process of re-typing minutes creates a time lag for meeting action. In the lag time in between agreement and team gains can be lost and forgotten.

Getting actions to progress efficiently from meetings is a key to stopping waste and achieving outcomes.

To combat the waste, Tablet PC Solutions introduced an innovative tablet to TFA. The Fujitsu Q702 is an all-in-one laptop and tablet that includes active digitizer pen technology. Perfect for note taking.

By integrating this advanced pen and Microsoft OneNote, TFA management is able to take notes in real time on digital ‘paper’. In the background, OneNote automatically converts the handwritten notes to text, so the process of generating typed minutes is virtually instant.

Using this digital format, handwritten notes also become searchable. A near infinite number of pages can be stored, so TFA always has the previous meeting’s notes on hand to ensure understanding on background and follow through.

The Q702 is an ultra-mobile go anywhere all-in-one windows 8 tablet / laptop hybrid, so Colm and the team always have all information at their fingertips – even at the touch field and
according to Brian in his capacity as TFA Business Systems Manager, this portability and mobility leads to greater efficiency on and off site.

“Staff are taking Tablets to meetings now, not paper; we’re seeing really good uptake in their use,” he said.

“We originally were looking at Tablet PCs as companion devices, lower powered options. However, having trailed and tested the fully powered Fujitsu Q702 with the help of Tablet PC Solutions, we’re glad we’ve gone down the path of consolidating devices.

“In order to do their jobs, staff now have a fully powered Tablet PC and a Mobile phone: that’s it, and it’s proving to be really productive and time efficient in the conduct of our business and staff performing their roles. Having people to call for help on the devices that really know and understand them is also very valuable to us,” he added.

The improvements to business and time efficiency is a key for Maguire in his role, leading the national body and ensuring he stays on top of his and team members’ priorities and deliverables.

“Tablet PC Solutions got me personally using a Tablet PC way back in 2009,” Maguire said.

“As someone who is very structured in the way I work, I really benefited from their support in converting and adjusting to the new platform.

“Today I keep seeing people attempting to adopt and adapt to Tablets and see that most of them could get a whole lot more out of them than they currently do.

“What Tablet PC Solutions do for us in helping us pick the right devices, providing us with training on using them well, as well as supporting us in their use and functionality has really been effective.

“What we’ve been able to do so far with our staff is assist them in adopting Tablet PCs as a one stop solution for all our computing requirements; particularly given the mobility of our staff, this has provided real efficiency and productivity gains and real workflow benefits.”

Tablet PC Solutions can help you to analyse and assess your business efficiencies and workflow needs and find a tablet solution that makes you more effective. The last word on how powerful these products and platforms can be, is outlined by Tablet PC’s, Matthew Gilbertson.

“It’s awesome when I’m in a touch meeting with Colm and he brings up his meeting notes in OneNote on the same topic over the last few years in seconds,” Gilbertson said.

“Having that sort of historical information at your fingertips ready to share is a massive boost to productivity.

“With regard to the TFA Staff, seeing the first group of new Tablet PC users benefit from the training and support we provide, improving their productivity, and then seeing how the other staff responded, asking when they will get their Tablet PC as well, is very satisfying to be part of.”

Contact Tablet PC on 1300 110 101 to see how you can improve your business and role with Tablet PC technology:

About Tablet PC Solutions: As Australia’s leading tablet experts we have seen tablets used in nearly every situation possible.

  • Mining & Resources
  • Utilities
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Local government
  • And many more…

What is common to the successful tablet choices that these industries need to make is nothing! There is no one-sized fits all magic solution. But there are winning solutions for every industry.

How to choose a winning tablet solution for your people:

  1. Talk to experience: – The principals at Tablet PC Solutions are available to come and talk to you on-site about your tablet needs. We are brand independent and we offer a huge range of tablets for different jobs.
  2. Make the right choice: – Take advice from people who have achieved success in Tablet projects over and over again.
  3. Manage the implementation: – Use the resources of experienced professionals to ensure that your tablets are deployed properly with full functionality and managed appropriately.
  4. Train your people: – Change management is critical to tablet mobility project success. No tablet platform is equivalent to pen and paper, so training is always needed.
  5. Choose support: – In any large tablet deployment there will be issues. Saving cents up front will cost you big dollars soon in queuing for poor support.

Choosing the right tablet is about much more than finding the cheapest device. Deploying a successful tablet solution that becomes an integral efficiency tool of your organization can be achieved.

Tablet PC Solutions have managed successful Tablet deployments from one tablet to thousands. We offer the following services:

  1. Consulting for your tablet project / business case building
  2. Tablet advice
  3. Tablet hardware sales
  4. Tablet training
  5. TabletCARE support and warranty

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Make the Touch - Windows 8 Tablet PCs