Make the Touch - Windows 8 Tablet PCs

Make the touch with a Windows 8 tablet and get productive!

Windows 8 is where convenience, entertainment and serious productivity meet! Windows 8 allows you to combine the full functionality of a laptop with the convenience of a tablet.

Choose from a wide variety of innovative tablet hardware designs that allow you to:

  • Extend battery life up to 18 hours
  • Take notes with the best digital pen technology
  • Clip into a keyboard dock for a fully functioning laptop experience
  • Dock for productivity – use your existing keyboard, mouse and multi-monitor setup with your tablet in the office.

Windows 8 also unlocks essential productivity software wherever you are. Excel on the sidelines. PowerPoint in the club room. Word in the office!

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Windows 8 Tablet PC

Make the Touch!

With a Windows 8 tablet you can download the latest touch friendly apps from the Windows Store. Web browsing on a windows 8 tablet is powerful and easy. Use a touch friendly tablet browser or switch to the desktop to use your favourite desktop browser – Chrome, Firefox, IE10 and more.

Make the Touch - Windows 8 Tablet PCs